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The joy of the Lord is my strength. Ref: Neh. 8:10

book for how to come out when you go throughAnnouncing My Next Book Title & Survey

I am excited to announce I am working on another book, this time in the Christian Inspirational Genre. In light of the many adversities that invade our lives on a regular basis, I want to address this issue in my next book, entitled “HOW TO COME OUT WHEN YOU GO THROUGH.”

My aim is to take the spotlight off the problem and put it on the Problem Solver, JESUS, to teach us how to arm ourselves to come out “more than conquerors.”

I need your assistance with a survey, which is part of the research for the book. Please take a moment to click on the link below to complete the survey about going through difficulties. Thank you!

A Book in The Making

book with blank pagesThe pages of this image are blank, just like the pages of the book I want to write. But I am looking forward to filling them with words I hope will inspire others on their journey. 

YES, I AM EXCITED about my next book, which will be in the Christian Inspirational genre. This will station me in the middle of my element. For more than forty-five years I have been engaged in Inspirational speaking, because I love to encourage.

Next week I plan to announce the book’s title. But you know how that goes. Titles can change. In the meantime, I am bubbling over with joy just thinking about the possibilities for turning all of those blank pages into words of encouragement.


The Treasure of Friendship

Friendship imageDo you ever stop to consider the beauty of friendship? I don’t mean a casual glance or a quick flashback – but thoughtful observation. From time to time we should clear our mind of the fast-pace clutter that tires us out, and take a refreshing walk through the treasure of friendship.

Not many days ago, such a walk took me back to this time last year, July 26 to be exact, and the meetings and efforts leading up to that day. On that Saturday afternoon, I  (Read entire article)

NIEAseal-Seal-ReducedSize My First National Book Award

I am excited, grateful and humbled that my book,  “Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy,” is a Winner of the prestigious National Indie Excellence Award for 2015. I submitted it last year in the category of African American Non Fiction, hoping to at least make the finalist list. When I received an email that my book had won, I could not help but beam with gratitude.  It is a wonderful thing to have your hard work acknowledged in such a meaningful way. 

I am grateful to each of you for encouraging me to continue this fascinating journey of writing. Please click on the link below and scroll down to the African American Non-Fiction category to see the book posted.

National Indie Excellence Book Award Link
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It’s Nice to Be Nice

 Some people are just inclined to be kind. It’s their nature. Jennifer Wilder, the First Lady of Perpetual Praise Community Church in Dallas, Texas where her husband, Rev. Steven Wilder serves as pastor, invited me to attend their Annual Women and Girl’s Program and share a few words about my book.

 Having been invited to other programs, I anticipated I would have three to five minutes to give some insight into my motivation for writing Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy. With gratitude for her generosity, I gave careful consideration to what I might say.

 On the day of the event, I collected my thoughts, put some books and financial supplies in the car, and made my arrival early so I would have time to mix and mingle with the people, one of my favorite activities.

 After mingling for a while, I sought out the First Lady to get any instructions I might need. That is when more evidence of her generous spirit stepped up to the plate. She informed me there was a table set up in the foyer for me to display and sign my book, and that she had allotted up to fifteen minutes for me to speak.

 What a pleasure it was to speak and engage in an exchange of nonverbal communication with all of those young people. Of course when you reach my age most people are young by comparison. And it is invigorating to mix and mingle with them.

 Thanks, Reverend and Sister Wilder, and Perpetual Praise Community Church, for your kindred spirit.


Joy Facebook Photo Contest

photo contest image

The Photo Contest will be held on my Facebook Author Page.  If you attended my Book Event on July 26 at Theatre 166 in Carrollton, Texas, you are eligible to enter eligible photos, and try to win the Grand Prize, a Friday or Saturday Night Stay at the DFW Embassy Suites, or one of the three autographed books.

Click Here to View My Short, (less than a minute), Book Video

We Have A Winner

Giveaway Winner Image

I am happy to announce we have a winner in my Virtual Book Tour Giveaway, promoted by Enchanted Book Promotions. It was an exciting experience for me. I had a chance to answer interview questions, write guest posts and read reviews of my book from some of the hosts.

A $50 Amazon Gift Card has been awarded to the winner, Carlie Brooks. Thanks to all who participated in the giveaway and the tour.

 $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

To thank you for your support, I have included a $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveayay as a part of my month-long Virtual Book Tour, celebrating the release of my memoir,  “TRIUMPH! A BATTLE PLAN FOR JOY.” Click Here to see the entire schedule.  

Please view the posts at the scheduled tour stops, and register for the Giveaway. Take note of the dates.  Some bloggers leave the post up indefinitely, just move it down.  Others may remove it after the scheduled date.


Choose Joy for the Journey

 I just completed the final steps, of the last leg, of an amazing journey—one that brought me from an idea in my mind to a book in my hand. Writing this memoir, Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy, has been the most challenging voluntary project of my life. But I need to hastily add that the rewards have been greater than the challenges. Reliving my story of unexplainable triumph over such harsh events reaffirmed my conviction that we can choose joy in any environment.

One of the most valued rewards I received along this journey was of a therapeutic nature. Recalling those abusive and demeaning experiences helped me evict every trace of any lingering revenge, remorse or regrets, while underscoring the marvelous truth that it took my total experience, the good—the bad, and the embarrassing—to mold me into (Click Here to Read Entire Article)


stack of colorful pencilsWelcome to our Home Page, Living with Joy!  We are proud to announce 2013 as the Projected Release Date for “A Battle Plan for Joy,”  a book by Gladys Simmons Carson. The author and the editors are working diligently to meet deadlines. Carson says: “Writing A Battle Plan for Joy is one of my most challenging and rewarding experiences. The focus and discipline required just to continue down this uncertain path is teaching me a lot about myself. Reliving some of the less-than-enjoyable events from my distant past has allowed me opportunities to better understand the acts of some people, and forgive the acts of others, while living with joy.”  More pencils please!

A BATTLE PLAN FOR JOY extracts simple lessons from early childhood, and integrates them with hard-taught lessons of later years, to present the reader with alternatives to medication-induced happiness, and circumstances-evoked misery. It challenges the reader to stop being a complaining, back-seat driver, and get behind the steering wheel, to take responsibility for his/her own joy quotient. Then this frank, forceful, and timely book culminates with a practical battle plan – A BATTLE PLAN FOR JOY.

We hope you will find the finished product enjoyable.


joy line


joyThroughout this website you will find articles and posts that promote a lifestyle that advances joy. I am convinced that physical fitness, mental strength, and a right attitude are allies of joy. I advocate making time to eat a balanced diet. I plead with you to keep moving, and not allow a lack of time or energy stop you from giving your body the exercise it needs to be strong and healthy. And I encourage you to monitor your thoughts to prevent a joy-killing attitude.

You, not your circumstances, have the power to shape your view of you—and your view of the world. Then your view will in part dictate your feelings; and ultimately, your action or inaction. So GIVE JOY A CHANCE!  Stop complaining; and start taking charge.

joy of reading

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