Gladys Simmons Carson is a fifth generation Texan who enjoys modeling joy, even in less than ideal circumstances. She takes literally the biblical phrase, "The joy of the Lord is your strength." In the photo to the right, she is about to leave for a women's conference to interact with other attendees, so she will have a better feel for the needs of the people when she speaks the next day.

Observing an increasing number of long faces in her social circle—especially among young people; and an increase in family and friends taking antidepressants, she felt compelled to speak to the issue of joylessness as opportunity allowed. An encounter with a depressed teenage girl, challenged her to expand her scope, and share her experiences in the fight for joy with a broader audience, giving birth to her book, A BATTLE PLAN FOR JOY. Release Date: 2013
In A BATTLE PLAN FOR JOY, Carson extracts simple lessons from early childhood, and integrates them with hard-taught lessons of later years, to present the reader with alternatives to medication-induced happiness, and circumstances-evoked misery. She challenges the reader to stop being a complaining, back-seat driver, and get behind the steering wheel, to take responsibility for his/her own joy quotient. Then this frank, forceful, and passionate author sets forth, in the final section of the book, a practical battle plan—A BATTLE PLAN FOR JOY.

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