picture of old house

  I finally have my peaceful house back. For more than a week, I have shared it with roofers, painters and an air conditioner installation crew—all for my good and comfort, of course. And for this I am grateful. The air feels great, and I don’t have to concern myself with the roof leaking. All […]

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carson's hide and seek photo

Mental Hide and Seek

I had the good fortune to be invited to meet with the Rukiya Literary Club in Midlothian, Texas to discuss my book, “Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy.” Helene, the host, was most gracious. She served great food, including something for me, a vegan, accompanied by superb hospitality. The ladies asked probing questions, making for […]

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Vendor's booth

My First Vendor’s Booth

Waco, Texas was the sight of my first vendor’s booth to promote my memoir, “Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy.”  The occasion was the 2014 Annual Session of the Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas. I arrived on Sunday to locate my booth and receive instructions. The host church, Antioch Baptist Church, pastored by Rev. […]

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Kathleen Kent Photo

Best Selling Author Kathleen Kent

Best selling author, Kathleen Kent, was the speaker at the Dallas Area Writers Group’s (DAWG) November meeting. Kathleen has written three best-selling novels: The Heretic’s Daughter, The Traitor’s Wife, and The Outcasts (collectively published in 16 countries!). I found it fascinating that she is a direct descendent of Martha Carrier of the Salem Witch Trials, whose […]

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Farewell to a Warrior

Eddie Hammond, Jr., a veteran of the Vietnam War, passed away on June 9, 2013, after a valiant fight with a variety of diseases that attacked his body.  Like any good soldier, he fought long and hard, defying expectations of gloomy medical diagnoses, year after year. Mr. Hammond was a professional chef and an accomplished […]

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Janis Patterson Photo

Janis Patterson at Dallas Area Writers Group

The speaker at the Dallas Area Writers Group’s May 14, 2013 Meeting was Janis Patterson, a multi-talented 7th generation Texan.  She has held a variety of jobs, from actress and singer to jewelry designer, from travel agent to new home sales, from editor in chief of two multi-magazine publishing groups to supervisor of accessioning for […]

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Thank You Poster

Thanks for Support

Thanks, everybody, for your support. I can hardly wait for the editors and the person writing the foreword to finish their work. But it took me a few years to write A Battle Plan for Joy, so I can’t complain about a few more months. Still the excitement is building. Waiting for my book to […]

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child reading

Book: A Glimpse of Heaven

“A Book I Enjoyed”  Series – In A Glimpse of Heaven, Dr. Glen Hepker draws from the philosophy of Ming Chia to present a holistic approach for taking True Responsibility for our own health and wellbeing; mind, body and spirit. He communicates with a good balance of clarity and authority, and even adds a bit […]

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Vegan Lasagna

Meat Lovers Love My Vegan Lasagna

Just had to tell you about my Cheezy (with a Z) Vegan Lasagna.  Actually my son, (not a vegan, but loved the lasagna) told me to share it.  All the meat-lovers who tried it LOVED it. I made the cashew cheeze (with a Z) for layering. I got the recipe from Food and Fabric (See […]

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child reading

Book: Perfect on Paper

“A Book I Enjoyed” Series – I read Perfect on Paper in one setting, all night, with snacks in between. I like scenery; and Maria Murnane painted each scene with meticulous care. The characters, though some near perfect and some totally weird, rang true. I have met a lot of Waverly Brysons, the main character […]

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