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picture of old house

  I finally have my peaceful house back. For more than a week, I have shared it with roofers, painters and an air conditioner installation crew—all for my good and comfort, of course. And for this I am grateful. The air feels great, and I don’t have to concern myself with the roof leaking. All […]

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Mental Hide and Seek

I had the good fortune to be invited to meet with the Rukiya Literary Club in Midlothian, Texas to discuss my book, “Triumph! A Battle Plan for Joy.” Helene, the host, was most gracious. She served great food, including something for me, a vegan, accompanied by superb hospitality. The ladies asked probing questions, making for […]

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My New Hero

I have a new hero, Ernestine Shepherd, who at the age of 75 is a personal trainer, a professional model, and a competitive bodybuilder. I learned from her website,, that in 2010, the Guinness World Records awarded her the title of World’s Oldest Performing Female Bodybuilder. When she appeared on television a few days […]

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self-esteem sign

Remember Your Value

My son wanted me to share some of my secrets for vibrant living after 70. I am not sure I have any secrets. If I do, they are the same ones I had in my 60’s and 50’s and 20’s. My philosophy for life has always been: “Remember your value, and enjoy the journey.” If […]

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Beautiful Gray

There is a distinct gift that comes with aging. A few people receive this gift prematurely. Though it is valuable, too many people “hide it under a bushel.” This particular gift distinguishes us in a delightful and beautiful way; and yet many “seniors” are unaware of its honor. I speak of the gift of gray […]

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