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Remember Your Mind Power

I wonder how much power the mind really has; certainly more than I know how to tap. I can recall the time my sister, Effie, and I decided to drive from Dallas to Lubbock, Texas to attend a convention. At least I decided to drive. Effie decided to ride—never learned to drive. Out of consideration, […]

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Saying “No” Without Guilt

Do you ever agree to perform a task for which you have neither the time nor the desire to do, simply because you can’t say “no?” Whenever some important assignment needs to be finished; and nobody else will do it, you further neglect your already-neglected self, and take care of it. Then you tell yourself: […]

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Keeping Yourself Up When the Economy is Down

When the economy is down and your financial obligations are up, surrendering to your circumstances is not a winning strategy. Surrender only invites victimization. While you cannot be sure of winning if you fight back, you can be sure of losing if you don’t. Looking back at my personal financial struggles, I marvel that I […]

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Living Piecemeal?

I remember my first management assignment with the City of Dallas. It was in the Code Enforcement Southeast Sector, on Municipal Street. I quickly observed the sector functioned in a reactionary, “Put out the fire” mode. Such efforts could work in some parts of town, where violations may be found here and there. But just […]

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