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Vegan Lasagna

Meat Lovers Love My Vegan Lasagna

Just had to tell you about my Cheezy (with a Z) Vegan Lasagna.  Actually my son, (not a vegan, but loved the lasagna) told me to share it.  All the meat-lovers who tried it LOVED it. I made the cashew cheeze (with a Z) for layering. I got the recipe from Food and Fabric (See […]

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USDA food plate

Vegan Diet and Weight-loss

I am often asked: “If I become a vegan, will I lose weight like you did?”  My answer:  “Not necessarily. You can be an unhealthy vegan.” As a vegan, you can still fry too much of your food, each too much potatoes and gravy, use too much grease, add too much salt; eat and drink […]

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Vegan Dish of Roasted Vegetables

My First Vegan Dinner Guests

People who know me well know that cooking is not among my favorite activities. So when Jeff asked if he could bring some friends when he came over on Christmas Day (2010), he told me I would not have to cook. He would pick up something for dinner. It must have surprised him when I […]

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Happy Vegan

I became a vegan in July of 2010, with an eye on remaining healthy into my seventies and beyond. Although I was bursting out of a size 12, I did not consider myself overweight. Therefore I gave no thought to losing weight. Nevertheless, by July the following year, I was wearing a size 4-6, and […]

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