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Farewell to a Warrior

Eddie Hammond, Jr., a veteran of the Vietnam War, passed away on June 9, 2013, after a valiant fight with a variety of diseases that attacked his body.  Like any good soldier, he fought long and hard, defying expectations of gloomy medical diagnoses, year after year. Mr. Hammond was a professional chef and an accomplished […]

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Do not waste tears on the soldiers who are dead, instead weep for the maimed, weep for the wounded.   and when you see them, begging on the corner, homeless, homeless and broken, don’t begrudgingly throw them a meaningless token, a crust of dry stale bread, or tarnished pennies for their eyes, their glassy eyes […]

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Thanks, Troops

Thanks, troops, for our Independence Day.  Without your sacrifices the 4th of July would be meaningless. I appreciate the sacrifices made by you and your family. Texas Click Here to post your tribute. Please follow and like us:

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My Thanks and Prayers

Thanks to all of you who serve, or have served in America’s military. Only because of your sacrifices am I able to walk in freedom, think freely, and speak freely. I can worship as I please, or not at all. I can participate in the election process of our leaders without fear of harassment or retaliation. […]

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