Keeping Yourself Up When the Economy is Down

When the economy is down and your financial obligations are up, surrendering to your circumstances is not a winning strategy. Surrender only invites victimization. While you cannot be sure of winning if you fight back, you can be sure of losing if you don’t.

Looking back at my personal financial struggles, I marvel that I am still standing—BUT GOD! I can remember a time when people complained to me that they had to get by on a dollar a day for lunch money; while at the same time I was getting by on $0.67 a day, but told nobody. And through it all I never felt impoverished, because I claimed “better days ahead” as if they had already arrived—and one day they did.

I encourage anyone who is unemployed, especially those who have been job hunting for a long time, not to surrender to the temptation to give up. Don’t be a victim of unemployment. Be a contender for the career you want and deserve. Go out with all of that talent and zest for life you know you have—and contend. If you persevere, some decision-maker will be smart enough to hire you.

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